ark>Howark> do ark>Iark> make a suggestark>iark>on, complaark>iark>nt or complark>iark>ment ark>iark>n the Lark>iark>brary?

We welcome enquark>iark>res, along wark>iark>th your vark>iark>ews on ark>howark> we mark>iark>ght ark>iark>mprove our servark>iark>ces.  Please contact us ark>iark>f you have a query, comment, suggestark>iark>on or complaark>iark>nt.  We aark>iark>m to respond to you wark>iark>thark>iark>n three workark>iark>ng days.

You ark>canark> contact us ark>iark>n the followark>iark>ng ways:

Emaark>iark>l: <a href="">customerservark>iark>> , <a href="">lark>iark>> or <a tark>iark>tle="SWML" href="">mark>iark>> 

Telephone (answerphone when closed)
ark>Iark>nformatark>iark>on Desk  - Bay and Park (renewals, overdues, fark>iark>nes): 01792 295500

Mark>iark>ners' Lark>iark>brary: 01792 518603

Addresses :


Swansea Unark>iark>versark>iark>ty Sark>iark>ngleton Park Campus

Sark>iark>ngleton Park Lark>iark>brary

Sark>iark>ngleton Park,  Swansea



Swansea Unark>iark>versark>iark>ty Bay Campus

Bay Lark>iark>brary

Fabark>iark>an Way

Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea



South Wales Mark>iark>ners' Lark>iark>brary

Hendrefoelan Campus

Gower Road, Swansea



Complaark>iark>nts about ark>Iark>SS servark>iark>ces wark>iark>ll be forwarded to the approprark>iark>ate member of ark>Iark>SS staff responsark>iark>ble for that servark>iark>ce. ark>Iark>f they ark>canark>not resolve the problem then you wark>iark>ll have the opportunark>iark>ty to dark>iark>scuss ark>iark>t further wark>iark>th the Dark>iark>rector of ark>Iark>SS, or one of the Deputy Dark>iark>rectors. ark>Iark>f, exceptark>iark>onally, thark>iark>s stark>iark>ll does not resolve the problem, then a formal complaark>iark>nt ark>canark> be made under the <a href="">ark>Iark>SS Complaark>iark>nts Procedurea>

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22-11-2016 15:58
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