ark>Howark> do ark>Iark> know ark>iark>f a lark>iark>brary ark>iark>tem ark>iark>s overdue?

ark>Iark>tems on loan from the lark>iark>brary wark>iark>ll automatark>iark>cally renew on a maxark>iark>mum of 3 occasark>iark>ons ark>iark>.e. ark>iark>tems wark>iark>ll be renewed for theark>iark>r orark>iark>gark>iark>nal loan perark>iark>od a maxark>iark>mum of 3 tark>iark>mes.  At the end of thark>iark>s perark>iark>od you wark>iark>ll need to brark>iark>ng the ark>iark>tem back to the Lark>iark>brary to prove you have not lost or damaged the ark>iark>tem. ark>Iark>f no one else has requested the ark>iark>tem you ark>canark> borrow ark>iark>t agaark>iark>n ark>iark>f you need to.

Overdue notark>iark>ces wark>iark>ll be emaark>iark>led to you to remark>iark>nd you of the outstandark>iark>ng loan.  You ark>canark> keep track of your loans by loggark>iark>ng ark>iark>nto your lark>iark>brary account onlark>iark>ne vark>iark>a the <a href="">lark>iark>brary catalogue a>.  Select Logark>iark>n at the top rark>iark>ght of the screen.  Logark>iark>n wark>iark>th your usual Swansea username and password.  Select ark>Iark>tems on Loan and you wark>iark>ll see the optark>iark>on to renew your books.

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