Addark>iark>ng a NEW Journal to your course sark>iark>te

To add a journal to your course sark>iark>te, you need to be ark>iark>n the relevant content area that you wark>iark>sh to add your journal to.

Clark>iark>ck on Tools and select Campus Pack journal from the drop down menu:

The sectark>iark>on that follows allows you to customark>iark>se your journal.  Gark>iark>ve your journal a tark>iark>tle and a brark>iark>ef descrark>iark>ptark>iark>on of what ark>iark>t ark>iark>s for/about:

Journals ark>canark> be graded.  ark>Iark>f you wark>iark>sh to grade your journals then you wark>iark>ll need to check the Create Grade Book Entry box.  You wark>iark>ll then be prompted to gark>iark>ve your grade book entry an approprark>iark>ate name, and allocate the number of poark>iark>nts possark>iark>ble.  ark>Iark>f you wark>iark>sh the grades to be vark>iark>sark>iark>ble to students then check thark>iark>s box:

When you have set the optark>iark>ons, clark>iark>ck on Add:

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