ark>Howark> do ark>Iark> change my password?

Staff and Students log ark>iark>n to blackboard usark>iark>ng theark>iark>r normal network credentark>iark>als whark>iark>ch ark>iark>s the fark>iark>rst part of emaark>iark>l address (for students just the student number) toark>getark>her wark>iark>th your current password.

ark>Iark>t ark>iark>s not possark>iark>ble to change your password dark>iark>rectly ark>iark>n Blackboard and you should ark>iark>nstead go to https://passwordreset.mark>iark>crosoftonlark>iark> and follow the ark>iark>nstructark>iark>ons there to change ark>iark>t.

Note thark>iark>s change wark>iark>ll affect all systems such as open access PCs, ark>Iark>ntranet and wark>iark>reless accounts, not just Blackboard.

Students have a sark>iark>ngle sark>iark>gn on optark>iark>on by loggark>iark>ng ark>iark>n at http://myunark>iark> where they should fark>iark>nd that lark>iark>nks take you ark>iark>nto other servark>iark>ces, ark>iark>ncludark>iark>ng Blackboard, wark>iark>thout needark>iark>ng to log ark>iark>n agaark>iark>n.

External users wark>iark>th accounts set up only on Blackboard; should use the ark>Iark>D and Password they have been gark>iark>ven. These external passwords ark>canark> be changed ark>iark>n Blackboard by clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on your name ark>iark>n the very top bar - select Settark>iark>ngs near the bottom of the drop down menu then Personal ark>Iark>nformatark>iark>on and Change password.(ark>iark>f you have a unark>iark>versark>iark>ty network/emaark>iark>l account then thark>iark>s process wark>iark>ll not work even though ark>iark>t may appear to.
For all further help wark>iark>th password and/or logark>iark>n please contact ark>iark> or call at the Customer Servark>iark>ces desk ark>iark>n the lark>iark>brary

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