What ark>iark>s my username and password?

Your username and password are the ones that have been gark>iark>ven to you to access the unark>iark>versark>iark>ty's Novell Network and e-maark>iark>l system.

For Students, you wark>iark>ll be assark>iark>gned a default password, whark>iark>ch you wark>iark>ll be advark>iark>sed of by emaark>iark>l. Otherwark>iark>se, you may refer to the pre-enrolment pages. ark>Iark>f you are unsure what your password ark>iark>s please contact the ark>Iark>TSupport desk ark>iark>n the Lark>iark>brary..

For Staff thark>iark>s wark>iark>ll be the fark>iark>rst part of your emaark>iark>l address and the password that you use for your emaark>iark>l and the ark>iark>ntranet. Please note that ark>iark>f you are havark>iark>ng problems loggark>iark>ng ark>iark>n to a pc usark>iark>ng your username and password you wark>iark>ll need to contact ark>Iark>T Support on x5060.

Staff - Please note that Blackboard accounts are not automatark>iark>cally created; please log a call for Blackboard vark>iark>a ark>Iark>SS Servark>iark>ce Desk ark>iark>f you need an account set up

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