ark>Iark> ark>canark>not log ark>iark>n to my ark>Iark>ntranet/Blackboard account. ark>Iark>s somethark>iark>ng wrong?

Please check the ark>Iark>SS Servark>iark>ce Status page for updates on any known ark>Iark>T ark>iark>ssues: <a href="">>

ark>Iark>f you are havark>iark>ng problems, please contact the Customer Servark>iark>ces Team at the ark>Iark>nformatark>iark>on Desk ark>iark>n the Sark>iark>ngleton and Bay Lark>iark>brarark>iark>es, by phone 01792 295500, by e-maark>iark>l customerservark>iark> or vark>iark>a the Servark>iark>ce Desk: <a href="">https://servark>iark>>

Please note that the Customer Servark>iark>ce Team are unable to change any passwords over the phone or by e-maark>iark>l.

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20-09-2017 16:26
Paul Johns
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