How do I arrange exam/academic adjustments?

If you are able to provide us with evidence of a mental health or Autistic Spectrum condition, and you wish to have exam/academic adjustments put in place, please complete our online form.

For physical health conditions, Specific Learning Difficulties or other health-related adjustment requests for which you can provide evidence, please complete our online form.

To find out more, visit our Reasonable Adjustment Proforma webpage.


If you suffer a short-term illness or temporary injury e.g. a broken leg that will impact on your exams, we would first encourage you to speak with your personal academic mentor or College/School to find out if you can apply for extenuating circumstances. It is important that your college is aware so they can advise you accordingly.


To enquire about deferring your exams, you will need to speak with your personal academic mentor or College/School. Alternatively please contact a member of the Student Information Team within your department.

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