Extenuating Circumstances COVID-19 Update

The University recognises that students may be affected by a wide range of difficulties/circumstances, including difficulties relating to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, which may lead to the inability to prepare for or undertake assessments. This guide has been produced to help you understand what you should do if you are experiencing any personal difficulties or extenuating circumstances which you feel are affecting your studies.


During the current period the University will operate its Extenuating Circumstances Policy flexibly to support students who are having difficulties preparing for/undertaking assessments. If you struggle to meet any deadlines or prepare for/complete assignments, please contact your School/College to request the School/College Extenuating Circumstances application form. If your School/College supports your application, the most likely outcome is that you will be offered an assessment deferral/extension.


An assessment deferral is when the assessment is deferred to the next assessment period; a deferred May/June assessment is normally deferred to the August assessment period.

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05-06-2020 16:36
Joanna Parketny
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