Does the Sark>iark>ngleton Park Lark>iark>brary have any rooms for group study or presentatark>iark>on practark>iark>ce?

Yes, the Sark>iark>ngleton Park and Bay Lark>iark>brary has rooms whark>iark>ch ark>canark> be booked durark>iark>ng staffed servark>iark>ce desk openark>iark>ng hours (please see <a href="">Openark>iark>ng Hoursa>page).  Each room ark>canark> hold up to 12 people, and there ark>iark>s a plasma screen to connect a laptop to ark>iark>f you would lark>iark>ke to practark>iark>ce a presentatark>iark>on. 

Please see the staff at the Lark>iark>brary ark>Iark>nformatark>iark>on Desk to book a 2 hour slot. You wark>iark>ll need to brark>iark>ng your student ark>Iark>D card wark>iark>th you durark>iark>ng your alloted tark>iark>me.  You are lark>iark>mark>iark>ted to 2 hours per day.

Outsark>iark>de of staffed hours, the rooms are unlocked and open for use. 

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22-11-2016 16:02
Lori Havard / amend Paul Johns
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