Grading Question by Question

For each test, you can choose to grade all responses to a specific question. This allows you to move from test to test, viewing and scoring the same question for each student. Grading this way can save time as you concentrate only on the answers for a single question. You can see how all students responded, providing immediate feedback about how the group performed on that particular question.   Also, grading by question is useful when you want to revisit a question that requires a score adjustment for all or many students.

At the same time, questions can be graded anonymously. All test attempts remain in needs grading status until all of the responses for all questions have been graded.

1. In the Grade Centre, click a test's Action Link in the column heading to access the contextual menu and select Grade Questions.
–OR -
On the Needs Grading page, click a test's Action Link to access the contextual menu and select Grade by Question.

2. On the Grade Questions page, you can filter the questions by status: Graded, Needs Grading, or In Progress. You may also select the check box for Grade Responses Anonymously, if needed.

3. For each question, click the number in the Responses column.

4. On the Grade Responses page, expand the Question Information link to view the question. If anonymous grading was not previously selected, click Hide User Names on the Action Bar. Click OK in the pop-up window to verify the action.

5. Click Edit next to the score for a user.

6. Type a grade in the Score box. Optionally, add Response Feedback specific to the individual question. The Response Feedback box only appears for certain question types, such as essays.  Use the Text Editor functions to format the text and add files, images, links, multimedia, and Mashups. Click Submit.

7. Optionally, if a rubric has been associated with Essay Questions, Short Answer Questions, or File Response Questions, click View Rubric to grade the question using the rubric. To learn more, see Rubrics.

8. Click Back to Questions to return to the Grade Questions page when all student responses are graded.

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