What is my username and password?

Your username and password are the ones that have been given to you to access the university's Novell Network and e-mail system.

For Students this will initially be your Student number e.g: 116580, and your student number followed by your date of birth (in the format 116580/dd/mm/yyyy e.g: 05/06/1988). If you are unsure what your password is please contact the ITSupport desk in the Library.

For Staff this will be the first part of your email address and the password that you use for your email and the intranet. Please note that if you are having problems logging in to a pc using your username and password you will need to contact IT Support on x5060.

Staff - Please note that Blackboard accounts are not automatically created; please log a call for Blackboard via ISS Service Desk if you need an account set up

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