What is an Academic Board?

Academic Boards are independent bodies that oversee academic study in the University. There are three Academic Boards, namely Academic Board (Undergraduate), Academic Board (Postgraduate Taught) and Academic Board (Research).  Through these Academic Boards, a University-wide approach to the application of regulations, procedures and quality system will be maintained and students will be guaranteed independent and equitable treatment in areas ranging from the determination of results to academic appeals. The ultimate power which an Academic Board can exercise is that of failing or withdrawing a student.  Details of the Academic Boards are given below.

Academic Board (Undergraduate)

Dean: Professor Derek Connon (College of Arts and Humanities)

Administrative Contact:   Mrs Fiona Rees-Cridland (Academic Services)

Academic Board (Postgraduate Taught)

Dean: Professor David Gethin (College of Engineering)

Administrative Contact:   Mrs Jane Lewis-Normand (Academic Services)

Academic Board (Research)

Dean: Dr Deborah Fitzsimmons (College of Human and Health Sciences)

Administrative Contact:   Miss Vicky Jones (Academic Services)

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