What is the deadline for paying my fees?

It depends when your course started and what kind of student you are! Please consult the table below:

What is the Undergraduate/PGT home fee payment deadline?

 Pay at Enrolment or set up direct debit, due by:

 10th November 2016. 

 10th February 2017.

What is the Undergraduate/PGT overseas fee payment deadline?

 50% before or at enrolment & 50% by the 10th February 2017.

What are the deadlines for the Law programmes GPL and LPC?

 25% At enrolment (Less £350 deposit if paid).   

 25% tbc Nov 2016.

 25% tbc Jan 2017. 

 25% tbc April 2017.

What are the deadlines for Graduate entry in Medicine? (GEM).

 10th November 2016 & 10th February 2017.

What are the payment arrangements for ELTS?

 Payment to be made prior/ at enrolment.                      

 Oct entry- tbc October- tbc December 2016

 Jan entry- tbc January-tbc march 2017                       

 April entry- tbc April- tbc June 2017

What are the deadlines for home PGR students?




 October starters: At enrolment or D/D on 10/11/16 & 6/4/17

 January starters: At enrolment or D/D on 6/4/17 & 6/7/17

 April starters: At enrolment or D/D on 6/7/17 & 9/11/17

 July starters: At enrolment or D/D on 9/11/17 & 5/4/18

What are the deadlines for overseas PGR students?




 October starters: 50% before or at enrolment. 6th April 2017.

 January starters: 50% before or at enrolment. 6th July 2017.

 April starters: 50% before or at enrolment. 9th November 2017  

 July starters: 50% before or at enrolment. 5th April 2018. 

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