Viewing Grade Details by Instructors

These instructions apply to STAFF using Blackboard Assignments only and may be not applicable to those using Turnitin.  

From the Grade Centre, instructors can view Grade Details to see attempts, assign grades, and view the grade history.

Select Grade Centre &gt  Full Grade Centre from the Control Panel:

Click on the cell containing the grade you wish to view.  A chevron will appear:

Click on the chevron and select View Grade Details.  The student’s grade information will display on the Grade Details page.

Select the Attempts tab to display every attempt for the item submitted by a student.

To edit the current grade, select the Edit Grade button.

You can also manually override an existing grade.  Overriding a grade changes the value of the grade and ignores the results of user attempts. To do this, click on the Manual Override tab.

You can select the Column Details tab to view the overall test details. This is a great way to measure how a student is doing against the average score.  

You can also use the Grade History tab to display all activity associated with the student’s grade.

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