Backing up a Blackboard Module

All the course information and user databases are stored on a central file server which is backed up on a regular basis. However whilst back up procedures tend to be more reliable these days it can take a little while to restore an individual course.; Also if you have submitted a lot of course material since the previous week's back up and a problem occurred between then and the next back up your work could be lost. We are not suggesting that there is any particular risk simply that a second back up is a very sensible precaution.
There is a facility in the Control Panel of each course/module site which allows you to archive it - what this does is to leave your course intact and makes a compressed; copy of all of the content and structure. It takes only a few minutes and we suggest you follow the procedure after each major update of your site - or weekly if the content is more static. In most cases instructors have copies of the original documents but this method of backing-up also preserves the structure and features such as groups and discussions.
The procedure; is shown below - We strongly recommend that you follow it regularly. In the event of a problem we are able to quickly restore your course from the archived file
Step by step Backup procedure
From within your module, click on the "Packages and Utilities" link within the Control Panel:

Select "Export/Archive Course" from the list of options:

Select "Archive" button.
The next screen allows you to select whether or not to include the Grade Centre history.; You can also choose whether to simply copy links to course files or whether to also copy course content:

Click on Submit when you are finished and you will be sent an email when the process is completed.; Once you receive the email you need to go; back to the archive area as in the first couple of steps above. You will see a link to the archive which you need to download

Restoring from your back up
In the, hopefully unlikely, event of needing to restore your course you need to email the Blackboard team at your institution,;marking it urgent. We will talk you through a restore process by phone. We have to give you temporary administrator status to be able to do this.

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