Building a Learning Module

A learning module is an organised collection of course material presented with a table of contents.  You add content and activities to learning modules and then manage them as you would items in a content area.  This article will show you how to create a new learning module, how to open an existing module and how to add content.
To create a new learning module:
From within your module, click on Build Content and select Learning Module:

Give your Learning module a name and a description:

Section 2 allows you to choose whether you want to enforce sequential viewing of the learning module  this will force the user to go through the learning module in order.  It also gives you the option of whether you want to open the learning module in a new window:

Section 3 allows you to make your learning module available, and choose whether you want to keep it time limited:

Section 4 allows you to display a table of contents, and if you wish to do so, what format you want to display it as:

When you are happy, click on Submit.
To open an existing learning module:
1)    Make sure that you are in the relevant content area and click on the learning module to open it
2)    Many types of content can be added to a learning module such as URLs, document files, and images. Indeed, any of the content that you can add into Blackboard itself can be added to a learning module.
3)    The type of content you select determines the options you have for adding it as well as how it is viewed by students.
Adding a file:
Users can attach files from your computer, or from elsewhere in Blackboard, such as the content collection as well as links of various formats.
1)    Click on Build Content and select File.
2)    Click on Browse to locate the file.
3)    Attach the relevant file(s) before clicking submit.
4)    Enter a name for the added content. The name becomes the link to the item in the table of contents.
5)    Set the options for viewing the content as required
6)    When you are done, click on submit.
7)    The file will have been added to the learning modules and will automatically be including in the table of contents.
8)    Content appears in the order it was added, but the order can be changed by dragging an item into a new location in the learning module.  Items can also be reordered using the keyboard accessible reordering tool.

9)    When you are done, click on submit.  You may need to refresh the table of contents to reflect the changes to the learning module.

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