Turning Tool Availability on and off

As an instructor, you can control which tools are accessible in a course, whether on the Course Menu or in a Content Area, by changing their availability settings.
To do this, click on the Customisation menu in the control panel:

Select Tool Availability from the expanded menu:

The following screen will list all of the tools that are installed, and details of whether they are available, visible to guests, visible to observers and visible in the content area:

Tools are displayed down the left hand column in alphabetical order.  Scroll down to find your tool, and then scroll across to check/amend the settings.  
If a tool has been disabled by the system administrator, there will be a circle with a line through it.  If it is available for use but not selected, then there will be a blank check box.  If it is available and has already been selected, the relevant check box will be ticked.
Select or deselect the relevant checkboxes to make your tools available/unavailable.
When you have made all your changes, click on the Submit button.

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