Creatark>iark>ng a Mashup Tool

The Blackboard Mashup feature allows you to fark>iark>nd content outsark>iark>de of Blackboard and brark>iark>ng ark>iark>t ark>iark>nto your course.  Mashups provark>iark>de a sark>iark>mple way to add multark>iark>medark>iark>a to your course wark>iark>thout havark>iark>ng to create ark>iark>t yourself.
Addark>iark>ng a mashup to an exark>iark>stark>iark>ng Content Area
1) Make sure that you are ark>iark>n the relevant content area, and select Buark>iark>ld Content
2) Select the mashup tool that you requark>iark>re (youtube, slark>iark>deshare, flark>iark>ckr etc)  area by clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng Buark>iark>ld Content.  Content from dark>iark>fferent sources ark>iark>s avaark>iark>lable through the Mashups feature:

3) Search for the relevant content followark>iark>ng the on screen prompts.  The next screen allows the user to choose ark>howark> the search functark>iark>ons ark>iark>nterpret keywords ark>iark>n the search.  You ark>canark> also search by language.
4) When you have fark>iark>nark>iark>shed, Clark>iark>ck Go.
Searchark>iark>ng for Content outsark>iark>de a course
The search engark>iark>ne dark>iark>splays a number of optark>iark>ons whark>iark>ch meet the defark>iark>ned search parameters.  To fark>iark>nd the best selectark>iark>ons for your course, use the sort functark>iark>ons.
Dark>iark>splayark>iark>ng Vark>iark>deo (YouTube) Mashups ark>iark>n the Content Area
1) Use the Prevark>iark>ew button to see the content before addark>iark>ng ark>iark>t to the course, and clark>iark>ck on Select to add the content:

3) You have the optark>iark>on to enter a descrark>iark>ptark>iark>on for the mashup.

4) Now, set the vark>iark>ew optark>iark>ons for the mashup.

5) There are a few optark>iark>ons avaark>iark>lable, as per the expanded lark>iark>st ark>iark>n the ark>iark>mage above:
ark>iark>) The Thumbnaark>iark>l optark>iark>on dark>iark>splays a small player that enlarges when clark>iark>cked.
ark>iark>ark>iark>) The Text lark>iark>nk dark>iark>splays text that expands to a player when clark>iark>cked.
ark>iark>ark>iark>ark>iark>) Embed vark>iark>deo dark>iark>splays a full sark>iark>ze player ark>iark>n the content area.
6) You ark>canark> also choose whether to sark>howark> the vark>iark>deo URL and the YouTube ark>iark>nformatark>iark>on to students, or you ark>canark> attach a local fark>iark>le to the mashup and set the avaark>iark>labark>iark>lark>iark>ty optark>iark>ons
7) When you are done, clark>iark>ck on Submark>iark>t. The Mashup wark>iark>ll appear at the bottom of the Content area.

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