ark>Howark> ark>canark> ark>Iark> create groups and sark>iark>gn up lark>iark>sts ark>iark>n Blackboard?

Groups are a powerful functark>iark>on of Blackboard whark>iark>ch enable you to group toark>getark>her students wark>iark>thark>iark>n a module for any number of reasons such as

    Semark>iark>nar groups
    Group project work
    Partark>iark>cark>iark>patark>iark>on ark>iark>n events

The groups tool allows you to create sark>iark>ngle groups or a set of groups ark>iark>n one form.; You also have the optark>iark>on of creatark>iark>ng self-enrol groups where they students sark>iark>gn up themselves, manual enrolled groups where the lecturer assark>iark>gns students to each group.; Alternatark>iark>vely,;wark>iark>th group sets you ark>canark> have random enrol by Blackboard so that the splark>iark>ttark>iark>ng of students between the groups ark>iark>s completely random (useful for very large cohorts)
There are then optark>iark>ons HERE;about ark>howark> to dark>iark>splay the groups to students wark>iark>thark>iark>n your course sark>iark>tes.
Creatark>iark>ng ark>iark>ndark>iark>vark>iark>dual Groups
To create, or manage, groups ark>iark>n a course sark>iark>te go to the control panel area to access groups:

Thark>iark>s opens the group manager page lark>iark>stark>iark>ng any groups you have prevark>iark>ously created - make sure that edark>iark>t mode ark>iark>s ON

Here you wark>iark>ll see buttons allow you to create groups or sets. ;All groups allows you to create an ark>iark>ndark>iark>vark>iark>dual group, Group Sets allows you to create a set of groups. ;You ark>canark> also see a Group Settark>iark>ngs button whark>iark>ch allows you control whether students are able to set up theark>iark>r own groups (a new feature ark>iark>n Bb 9.1).; Note also that most pages lark>iark>ke thark>iark>s have a More Help lark>iark>nk whark>iark>ch ark>iark>s hark>iark>ghlark>iark>ghted yellow;above - thark>iark>s provark>iark>des context help about any page you are on.
Clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on the Create button allows you to create a sark>iark>ngle group or group set:

Notark>iark>ce under the group set you have the addark>iark>tark>iark>onal optark>iark>on to create a ;Random Enrol group set
You wark>iark>ll then be asked to provark>iark>de group ark>iark>nformatark>iark>on (name, descrark>iark>ptark>iark>on and whether ark>iark>t ark>iark>s vark>iark>sark>iark>ble to students):

Sectark>iark>on 2 relates to any tools you wark>iark>sh to be made avaark>iark>lable to students ark>iark>n that group. ;You dont have to make any avaark>iark>lable that you don't plan for the students to use:

Sectark>iark>on 4 relates to whether you want your students to be allowed to personalark>iark>se theark>iark>r group modules. ;Check the box ark>iark>f you want to allow thark>iark>s, or leave ark>iark>t blank.
Sectark>iark>on 5 asks you whether you want to create a smart vark>iark>ew for the group - thark>iark>s relates to seeark>iark>ng ark>iark>nformatark>iark>on specark>iark>fark>iark>cally related to thark>iark>s partark>iark>cular group.
Sectark>iark>on 6 allows you to add users to your group (assumark>iark>ng that you haven't selected random enrol or self enrol). ;To do thark>iark>s, clark>iark>ck on the Add Users button and search for users. ;When you come across a user that you want to add to your group, check the box to the left:

When you have made your selectark>iark>ons, clark>iark>ck on Submark>iark>t.
Any users you have added wark>iark>ll be sark>howark>n ark>iark>n the membershark>iark>p sectark>iark>on, along wark>iark>th the button to add users or remove users.
Clark>iark>ck on Submark>iark>t when you are happy wark>iark>th your selectark>iark>ons
Creatark>iark>ng group sets
ark>Iark>f you need more than one group as for sark>iark>gn ups you typark>iark>cally would, then you ark>canark> do thark>iark>s ark>iark>n a sark>iark>ngle step rather than havark>iark>ng to create multark>iark>ple groups - students ark>canark> only sark>iark>gn up to one group ark>iark>n each set you create.; Havark>iark>ng selected the group set optark>iark>on you have the above wark>iark>th the exceptark>iark>on of ;a new sectark>iark>on whark>iark>ch asks the number of groups you want to create, and whether you want to create smart vark>iark>ews for each of them:

Enter the total number of groups needed and after clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng submark>iark>t Blackboard automatark>iark>cally creates the groups for you. You wark>iark>ll then need to gark>iark>ve each group a name, and add users to them (unless you are usark>iark>ng random enrol or self enrol):

Lark>iark>nks to Assocark>iark>ated Artark>iark>cles
Make groups avaark>iark>lable
Bulk add students to groups

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