Addark>iark>ng Zark>iark>p fark>iark>les, Wark>iark>mba Create fark>iark>les/ Course Genark>iark>e fark>iark>les to your Blackboard Module

Thark>iark>s guark>iark>de explaark>iark>ns ark>howark> to publark>iark>sh Zark>iark>p fark>iark>les, ark>iark>ncludark>iark>ng HTML packages created usark>iark>ng tools such as Wark>iark>mba Create and Course Genark>iark>e.
Thark>iark>s guark>iark>de assumes that you have already created your zark>iark>p fark>iark>le.
Creatark>iark>ng a folder for all your zark>iark>p fark>iark>le content (optark>iark>onal, but recommended)
ark>Iark>n your module, go to the Control Panel menu and clark>iark>ck Content Collectark>iark>on. ;Clark>iark>ck the module ark>Iark>D code dark>iark>rectly underneath Content Collectark>iark>on ark>iark>tem 1 ark>iark>n screenshot below. ;(ark>Iark>tem 2 ark>iark>n screenshot refers to all content that you've uploaded ark>iark>n all your modules).
Use the Create Folder button to make a folder, gark>iark>ve ark>iark>t a name and clark>iark>ck on submark>iark>t:

Addark>iark>ng a Zark>iark>p Fark>iark>le
From wark>iark>thark>iark>n your module, go to the Control Panel menu and select Content Collectark>iark>on. ;Clark>iark>ck on the module ark>Iark>D as per the ark>iark>nstructark>iark>ons above. ;(ark>Iark>f you've already created a folder, clark>iark>ck on the lark>iark>nk to open ark>iark>t). Clark>iark>ck on the Upload button and select Download package from the drop down lark>iark>st:

Clark>iark>ck on browse to search for the zark>iark>p fark>iark>le on your computer, then clark>iark>ck on Submark>iark>t:

Thark>iark>s wark>iark>ll then upload your zark>iark>p to Blackboard and unpack ark>iark>t ark>iark>nto a folder of ark>iark>t's own.
Lark>iark>nkark>iark>ng to your Zark>iark>p fark>iark>le ark>iark>n your content area
Usually, package fark>iark>les such as Course Genark>iark>e/Wark>iark>mba Create zark>iark>p fark>iark>les have an 'ark>iark>ndex.html' fark>iark>le ark>iark>nsark>iark>de them. Thark>iark>s ark>iark>s the fark>iark>le you wark>iark>ll lark>iark>nk to.
Go to the content area where you want your lark>iark>nk to appear. ;ark>Iark>f edark>iark>t mode ark>iark>s off, swark>iark>tch ark>iark>t on by clark>iark>ckark>iark>ng on the edark>iark>t mode. ;Thark>iark>s wark>iark>ll sark>howark> some addark>iark>tark>iark>onal buttons, ark>iark>ncludark>iark>ng the abark>iark>lark>iark>ty to create an ark>iark>tem:

Clark>iark>ck on Buark>iark>ld Content and select Create ark>Iark>tem:

Gark>iark>ve your ark>iark>tem a tark>iark>tle and a brark>iark>ef descrark>iark>ptark>iark>on. ;ark>Iark>n the second sectark>iark>on, scroll down and clark>iark>ck on the button Browse for Content Collectark>iark>on;

A wark>iark>ndow wark>iark>ll open whark>iark>ch wark>iark>ll let you navark>iark>gate the fark>iark>les ark>iark>n the content collectark>iark>on. ;Check the 'ark>iark>ndex.html' fark>iark>le from the lark>iark>st ark>iark>nsark>iark>de the folder for your requark>iark>red package and clark>iark>ck on submark>iark>t.

You now have three optark>iark>ons under Fark>iark>le Actark>iark>on:

Choose ‘Gark>iark>ve users Read access to all fark>iark>les and folders ark>iark>n the folder’.; Thark>iark>s wark>iark>ll allow the user to navark>iark>gate to the other pages wark>iark>thark>iark>n your Course Genark>iark>e/Wark>iark>mba Create fark>iark>le.

To make the ark>iark>tem avaark>iark>lable to your students, Permark>iark>t Users to Vark>iark>ew the Content ark>Iark>tem must be set to yes.; Otherwark>iark>se the ark>iark>tem wark>iark>ll only be vark>iark>sark>iark>ble ark>iark>n edark>iark>t mode, whark>iark>ch ark>iark>s not avaark>iark>lable to students.; Clark>iark>ck on submark>iark>t when you are done:

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