How to use the Glossary Manager

This function allows you to build up a set of subject-specific terminology.

It is possible to build it up individually or to upload a CSV file.

To add to or start a glossary, you will need to be an instructor on the course or a leader on the organisation.

From within the module, click on the Control Panel link and look for the Course Tools or Organisation Tools link.

Click on the glossary link:

You are now presented with two options:;Create Term, Upload/Download:

The Create Term button will let you build up your glossary term by term.;Click on this and fill in the term and definitions boxes.

Click on Submit when this is done.;

If you wish to add another term, then select ‘Create Term' and repeat the previous two steps.

The Upload/Download option allows you to upload;your glossary from a csv file, or download your existing glossary.

To Upload a glossary:

Click on Upload/Download and select the Upload Glossary option:

You will be asked to browse for your file. ;The file should be in TXT (tab-delimited) or CSV (Comma-Separated Value) format.

The file must  be a text file that contains a term and a definition on each line. The  term and the definition on each line must be separated by a comma in a  comma-delimited file or separated by a tab in a tab-delimited file.  The  terms do not need to be in any specific order.

Your file could either be housed on your computer or in the content collection:

The next section allows you to choose what you want to do if duplicate terms are found:

To Download a Glossary:

The Download Glossary button allows users to download the glossary in spreadsheet format.
Click on Upload/Download and select the Download Glossary option:

Click on Download to download the glossary, or Go Back to return to the glossary manager:

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