How to add Staff Information to a Module

Staff information is now called Contacts in Blackboard 9.; Staff information allows you to put up information about yourself so that students can easily identify and find you.
To add your information, you need to be an instructor on the course or a leader on the organisation .
From within the module, click on the Control Panel link and look for the Course Tools or Organisation Tools box.
Click on the Contacts option:

You will be given the option to ‘Create folder’ or ‘Create Contact’.;Click on ‘Create Contact’.

Fill in the relevant information – you don’t have to add all the details if you don’t want to.
You have the option to make your profile available, i.e. visible to others.
You can also add a picture to your profile.;This is optional.;You can either upload one from your pc or a USB drive by clicking on the browse button next to the ‘Attach Image’ box, or you can link to a website such as Flickr or photobucket.

When you are done, click on Submit.

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