Where are my modules/I can login but I can’t see some/any of my modules

If you cannot see one or more modules in your list when you log in to Blackboard, it could be for a number of reasons:

a) Some modules may not appear on your list until the Instructors have finished setting up their sites and set the status of these modules as being "available". However, it is also possible that the tutor concerned might have forgotten to set the module site as "available", therefore please contact your tutor to confirm. ;Modules are automatically set to unavailable until the first week of teaching.

b) At the beginning of the academic year, especially if the module registration has not been fully completed or there are changes in your preferred modules, it may take a couple of days for the system to update the information. ;As a rule, if the module shows up on your intranet account, they should appear on your blackboard account the following day.
If none of the above are likely, please contact us

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