Introduction to Blogs in Blackboard

Web Logs, known as Blogs, provide a journal style format where course users may add date-based entries made up of text, which may also include pictures, or other files. Blogs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing news, as a personal diary, or as a means of informing readers about progress on a project.

Due to their reflective nature blogs are a useful tool that can be employed within learning and teaching.

From within your module (and in the area of the course that you want to house your blog, eg. Course Documents), click on "Tools"

Select "Campus Pack Blog" from the drop down menu:

Enter the details as required, including a name and description for your blog:

Fill in the details requested.; When you have completed this, click on "Add"
The next page will then prompt you to add an entry. ;Click on the;;"Add entry" button.

Give your message a title, and write your blog post using the text editor specified:

When you have finished, click on Save. ;You should then be taken to your blog post

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