What happens if I don’t pass?

If your grades have been low and put you at risk of not being awarded an honours degree, there are several possible outcomes. There may be an opportunity to re-sit one or more exams, or re-take one or more modules. You should discuss this with your personal tutor, who will be able to advise and make arrangements.

If you ultimately fall below the 40% average grade required for a 3rd Class Honours degree you may be awarded an Ordinary/Unclassified degree. This is considered a lesser qualification than an honours degree but still counts as a graduation.

If you have passed some modules but not earned sufficient credits to graduate with honours, it may be possible to take an Exit Qualification - either a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, depending on the number of credits earned.

If you would like to discuss your options with someone, please email myunihub@swansea.ac.uk. 

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