What can I submit as supporting evidence of my extenuating circumstances?

Please note that all extenuating circumstances requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, however, the following list offers guidance on what is considered appropriate evidence:

 Examples of appropriate evidence - the list is not exhaustive

  • Doctor's letter or certificate which confirms your illness and clearly identifies that the time period for which you were unwell corresponds to the assessment period in which you are claiming
  • Hospital admission and discharge letter, to confirm your time spent in hospital
  • Death certificate / Order or Service / Funeral Director's Letter
  • Police report, a crime reference number on its own will not be sufficient
  • News report to confirm unforeseen transport difficulties  

        Examples of evidence which is not appropriate:

  • Self-certification of your own circumstances
  • Evidence which is not supplied by an independent party
  • Medical condition supported by retrospective evidence
  • A letter from a parent, partner, family member or fellow student verifying circumstances where there is no other independent supporting evidence
  • Evidence in a language other than English or Welsh, which is not accompanied by a certified translation. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the translated documents.
  • Crime reference number without a supplementary Police report
  • Screenshots from mobile devices showing restricted information
  • Illegible evidence i.e. faded wording, cropped, missing information, undated, poorly scanned evidence


 Important to note:

  • All evidence must coincide with the assessment period in which you are claiming
  • Evidence confirming an illness must be provided by a medical practitioner
  • Evidence presented by email is acceptable but only if it is clear to see that the e-mail has been sent to you from the author, and from their organisations official domain name
  • Evidence in support of your claim must be legible and dated, poorly scanned, cropped (missing information), faded evidence will not be accepted
  • Evidence must be accompanied by a certified translation if written in a language other than English.   It is your responsibility to have your evidence independently translated and to bear any costs incurred
  • If you submit no evidence then your claim will be rejected
  • If you submit some but not all of your evidence within the required timeframe, then your claim will be considered on the evidence provided
  • Staff members cannot obtain evidence on your behalf
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