What do ark>Iark> do ark>iark>f the Lark>iark>brary doesn't have the journal artark>iark>cle or book ark>Iark> want?

ark>Iark>f you would lark>iark>ke a book or journal artark>iark>cle, and we do not stock ark>iark>t ark>iark>n the Lark>iark>brary, you have the optark>iark>on of askark>iark>ng us to ark>getark> ark>iark>t from another lark>iark>brary.  Thark>iark>s ark>iark>s called ark>iark>nter-lark>iark>brary loan. There ark>iark>s ark>iark>nformatark>iark>on, ark>iark>ncludark>iark>ng a request form, on the <a href="http://www.swansea.ac.uk/library/using-the-library/documentsupply/">Document Supplya>websark>iark>te. 

All staff and regark>iark>stered students of Swansea Unark>iark>versark>iark>ty ark>canark> use the ark>iark>nter-lark>iark>brary loan servark>iark>ce. The ark>iark>nter-lark>iark>brary loan servark>iark>ce ark>iark>s fark>iark>nancark>iark>ally subsark>iark>dark>iark>sed by ark>Iark>nformatark>iark>on Servark>iark>ces &amp; Systems (ark>Iark>SS) and we request you use ark>iark>t only for essentark>iark>al materark>iark>als. Please check our <a href="http://whel-primo.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?vid=44WHELF_SWA_VU1&reset_config=true">ark>iark>Fark>iark>nd a>catalogue before submark>iark>ttark>iark>ng a request to ensure the ark>iark>tem ark>iark>s not held ark>iark>n stock eark>iark>ther electronark>iark>cally or ark>iark>n prark>iark>nt.


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