Why won't my lark>iark>brary card work at the self-ark>iark>ssue machark>iark>ne?

ark>Iark>f your lark>iark>brary card does not work at the self-ark>iark>ssue machark>iark>ne, there could be several reasons for thark>iark>s ark>iark>ncludark>iark>ng the ceark>iark>lark>iark>ng lark>iark>mark>iark>t of £10.00 ark>iark>n lark>iark>brary charges has been reached; you may have an overdue recalled book on your account whark>iark>ch needs to be returned fark>iark>rst; you may have reached the lark>iark>mark>iark>t of the amount of books you are allowed to borrow.  Please ask for assark>iark>stance at the Lark>iark>brary Desk durark>iark>ng <a href="http://www.swansea.ac.uk/iss/old-libraries/openinghours/">staffed hoursa>.

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22-11-2016 16:04
Karen Dewick / Amend P.Johns
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