Creating a Grade Report

Reports are customised, printable information from Grade Centre data designed to be shared with students and observers.
For all grades in Grade Centre, you can generate reports for a specific time period, a group of students, or for a category of grades.
Click on the Grade Centre link in the Control Panel and select the Full Grade Centre:

Go to the Reports tab, click on the drop down arrow and select create a report.

 Select items to include in the report header and enter a report description:

Choose whether you want to create a report for all users, all users in a group, or simply for selected users:

If the option for Selected Users is checked, choose which students to include in the report.  You can select multiple students for the report by holding Control while selecting student names.

You can choose the types of user information to include in the report.

Section 4 then allows you to select the columns to include in the report.  Name and grade are included by default. You can select additional column information.  There is an option to include statistics to display a student’s performance in comparison with other students:  

If you'd like to include a footer to the report, you can select information to include in the report footer.  You can also add Custom Text if required:

When you are ready, click on submit.  The report will be displayed in a separate window.  You can print the report from this page using the print feature on your Web browser.

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