Adding Zip files, Wimba Create files/ Course Genie files to your Blackboard Module

This guide explains how to publish Zip files, including HTML packages created using tools such as Wimba Create and Course Genie.
This guide assumes that you have already created your zip file.
Creating a folder for all your zip file content (optional, but recommended)
In your module, go to the Control Panel menu and click Content Collection. ;Click the module ID code directly underneath Content Collection item 1 in screenshot below. ;(Item 2 in screenshot refers to all content that you've uploaded in all your modules).
Use the Create Folder button to make a folder, give it a name and click on submit:

Adding a Zip File
From within your module, go to the Control Panel menu and select Content Collection. ;Click on the module ID as per the instructions above. ;(If you've already created a folder, click on the link to open it). Click on the Upload button and select Download package from the drop down list:

Click on browse to search for the zip file on your computer, then click on Submit:

This will then upload your zip to Blackboard and unpack it into a folder of it's own.
Linking to your Zip file in your content area
Usually, package files such as Course Genie/Wimba Create zip files have an 'index.html' file inside them. This is the file you will link to.
Go to the content area where you want your link to appear. ;If edit mode is off, switch it on by clicking on the edit mode. ;This will show some additional buttons, including the ability to create an item:

Click on Build Content and select Create Item:

Give your item a title and a brief description. ;In the second section, scroll down and click on the button Browse for Content Collection;

A window will open which will let you navigate the files in the content collection. ;Check the 'index.html' file from the list inside the folder for your required package and click on submit.

You now have three options under File Action:

Choose ‘Give users Read access to all files and folders in the folder’.; This will allow the user to navigate to the other pages within your Course Genie/Wimba Create file.

To make the item available to your students, Permit Users to View the Content Item must be set to yes.; Otherwise the item will only be visible in edit mode, which is not available to students.; Click on submit when you are done:

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