I am experiencing problems uploading my assignment to Turnitin in Blackboard

If you are experiencing upload problems using Turnitin there are a few things you should check

  • Are you using a recognised file format? - these are listed on the upload page and Turnitin does accept files in the Microsoft DOCX format produced by office 2010.
  • Is the file very large? - Turnitin will not usually accept document files much bigger than 20MB which is easy to exceed if it contains a lot of images - solution remove large images before submission
  • Does it have a very long file name or one containing spaces or illegal characters? - we would recommend keeping the file names simple and using alpha numeric characters only - eg instead of my 2008 assignement for module ab-123.docx ;use something simple like ab123_assignment.docx
  • If you have a particular file that you cannot find a solution for please call at the IT support desk who can contact blackboard support if necessary.
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24-10-2016 12:57
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