How do I Appeal?

You are strongly encouraged to contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre for confidential and free advice before submitting your appeal. To appeal against a decision of the Examining Board, you should complete and submit to Academic Services the Request for Appeal Form once you are notified of the decision of the Examination Board (you can submit this via email to:


Please note, due to staff working remotely we will not be able to accept any appeal forms, documents or correspondence by post at this time. Please use the online form and submit it and any supporting evidence via e-mail.


The Request for Appeal Form (AR1RD-1-BI) can be found by following the link provided on the Academic Appeals page.


You do not need to pay a fee to submit an appeal. However, you must show that you meet one or more of the eligible grounds for appeals, which are listed at Section 2.1 of the Appeals Procedure accessible on-line at:


It is important that you provide within/attached to your Appeal Form:


  1. Full details of the ground(s) for appeal on which you are relying; and
  2. Dates and details of all assessments affected and how these were affected; and
  3. Relevant supporting evidence.

If your appeal is based upon the extenuating circumstances ground for appeal, please see the Guidance for submitting Appeals on the ground of Extenuating Circumstances.

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